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2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Click the image below to download our complete 2023-2025 Strategic Plan:

Our Priorities:

Cultivate Community Partnerships

Objective 1: Facilitate community collaboration to strengthen the health system


  • Convene, educate and collaborate with community stakeholders on Medi-Cal reforms, changes and directions to enable coordinated action
  • Align the CenCal Health Doorway to Health Foundation to advance quality and health equity for all and promote innovation
  • Play a leading policy role as liaison, educator and advocate for local Medi-Cal and safety-net health care priorities at the local and statewide level

Objective 2: Engage locally on health equity


  • Embrace the role of convener, facilitator, and humble partner with other health providers, social service leaders and government agencies to promote health equity
  • Solicit member, provider and community partner voices through meaningful engagement to improve customer experience
  • Collect, analyze and share data on health disparities and the social determinants of health to propel community action
Advance Quality and Health Equity for All

Objective 1: Exceed quality standards and expectations


  • Expand quality strategies to be a top quality performer among Medi-Cal health plans
  • Enhance the Quality and Equity Program by achieving NCQA accreditation
  • Partner with our provider network to support targeted quality improvements

Objective 2: Reduce health disparities in our populations


  • Develop a health equity strategy
  • Implement population health capabilities to identify and address health disparities among our Medi-Cal members
  • Enhance insight into health disparities by expanding the collection and sharing of drivers of health indicators
Expand our Service Role and Reach

Objective 1: Prepare to serve new members


  • Prepare for a sustainable and integrated Medi-Cal and Medicare program serving dually-eligible members
  • Explore local needs and market opportunities for Covered California and Medicare Advantage
  • Facilitate Medi-Cal coverage expansions for newly eligible residents

Objective 2: Develop new Medi-Cal programs and benefits


  • Expand Enhanced Care Management, Community Supports and Community Health Workers programs responsive to local needs
  • Invest in capacity to serve members through State-sponsored incentive programs
  • Advocate to preserve and support local voice and decision-making
Organize for Impact and Effectiveness

Objective 1: Advance organizational readiness to support strategy


  • Develop planning and execution capabilities to advance organizational integration and coordination
  • Achieve insight into organizational performance to target improvements
  • Adapt processes through continuous improvement methodologies

Objective 2: Foster employee growth and inclusion towards a diverse culture


  • Develop a strategic human resources function and capabilities to meet future state requirements
  • Evolve core competency requirements and performance management system
  • Enhance employee training and development

Objective 3: Leverage and adapt technology and analytics to enable transformation


  • Evolve technology model to emphasize external partnerships, to meet business needs
  • Develop advanced analytical insight to support the management and improvement of member care
  • Advance health data exchange and interoperability solutions

Objective 4: Ensure financial performance to support sustainability


  • Develop strategic financial function to evaluate regional rates impact and interventions
  • Evolve cost containment focus to manage member risk and needs
  • Deploy targeted investment and incentive strategies