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Our Member Services Department takes great pride in providing excellent customer service to our members. We stay engaged with our membership; answering their questions and guiding them when they need assistance.

Our providers like that their claims are paid in a timely manner, and they are pleased to be seeing our members. Our providers enjoy working with our staff in our Provider Services Department.

Please take a moment and read the testimonials below which summarize their experiences, in their own words. We would love to add your testimonial to our growing list. We are always striving to serve our community, members, and provider partners. We rate our success on your happiness. If you have a story you might like to share with us, please email us.

You can also keep in touch with us on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and Linkedin.

Testimonials - Members

We at CenCal Health are always striving to meet our member’s needs. We believe in compassionate, cost-effective, quality health care for all our members in the two counties. We are grateful when we receive positive words for the work we do for you, our members.

“I’m thankful for CenCal Health. They’ve always been available for all of my medical needs. They’ve openly provided the time (to assist) for brain surgery at UCLA, that saved my life and I will always be deeply thankful. Meeting them individually is fantastic, to thank them personally. I’m truly thankful, I hope everyone else is too.” -Frances, Santa Barbara County  Watch Video
“I greatly appreciate and thank CenCal Health’s Member Services Department and especially one of their Member Service Representatives, Lizette. Every time I call, Lizette goes above and beyond in helping coordinate with my son’s other healthcare coverage so we can afford his Leukemia medication. Thank you for the very best customer service.” -Ms. Rojas, Santa Barbara County  Watch video
“My daughter and I have been with CenCal Health for about four years now and we just love the security & dependability that CenCal Health offers. They have been very good to us. It feels really good knowing that we have health coverage.” -Hadley, Santa Barbara County  Watch video
“My daughter and I have been with CenCal Health for about five years now, and they have been wonderful. At the age of three, my daughter was diagnosed with asthma. CenCal Health helped us find services and answered so many of my questions. We are grateful for the assistance we’ve received from CenCal Health.” -Natasha & Jonah, Santa Barbara County  Watch video
“I’ve had nothing but excellent service. I have better coverage with CenCal Health than I would get with any other insurance provider I was eligible for. They did an excellent job and helped me while he was considering a transplant and assisted in providing that option.” -Lee, Santa Barbara County
“I’ve been with CenCal Health for 16 years now. Last Winter I was in and out of the hospital and CenCal Health managed everything; they took care of paying for the lab work and hospital bills. As far as I’m concerned, they are the best yet.” -Karen, Santa Barbara County  Watch video 
“I am a mother of 3 children, and a member of Healthy Kids Program. I am very thankful for the help with the cost of medications, visits to the doctor and dentist; I haven’t had to pay for any medication or visits. When I came to this country, my children were babies and since then, for all these years, the Healthy Kids Program has helped me. I am so happy for the help we have had.” -Veronica, Santa Barbara County

*The Healthy Kids program has ended as of June 30, 2016. These children can now apply for full scope Medi-Cal. You can apply for Medi-Cal by contacting a Certified Application Assistant or through the Department of Social Services.

“I am in the middle of a career change with assistance from the structured living program at the Prado Day Center. I also see a physical therapist and doctor who operate as a team on my behalf. I am able to do all these things because of CenCal Health.” -Benner, San Luis Obispo County

“The Recuperative Care Program has provided shelter, which is why I now say, I don’t feel homeless, I just feel houseless. The RCP and CenCal Health are providing great things for us to get back to the world and be functional.” -Booker, San Luis Obispo County

*CenCal Health in collaboration with CAPSLO launched the San Luis Obispo County Recuperative Care Program which provides an opportunity for CenCal Health members who have little to no resources or are homeless and medically fragile, an opportunity to receive case management, nursing, medication management, and medical necessary transportation services in a shelter setting. Watch video

“Thank you CenCal HEALTH. Without you, I don’t know where we would be. You’ve been a tremendous help and support for me and my daughter… Thank you.” -Kat, Santa Barbara County  Watch Video
“Cencel Health has always been there when I needed help the most. So, I am very grateful to be a member again today as I go back to school to get my masters. Being a full-time student, CenCal Health has provided me with the healthcare that I need, that I wouldn’t otherwise have.” -Margaret, CenCal Health member
Testimonials - Providers
“CenCal Health is responsive, efficient and very easy to work with in terms of referrals, trouble shooting and patient care issues. The people of Santa Barbara County have every reason to look to CenCal as an important healthcare resource far superior to most other areas in the country.” – Douglas R. Jackson, M.D., Jackson Medical Group, Santa Barbara  Watch video
“I have worked with Cencal Health for over 32 years. They always make an effort to be there for the patients as well as the medical staff. They provide training for all of their programs and are always available to answer any questions that may arise throughout the day. I have found Cencal Health to be one of the easiest programs to work with including billing and referrals.” – Sherry T, Office Manager, Albert W Hawkins, M.D. Inc, Santa Maria  Watch video
“CenCal Health has a fast response time & they show a great ability in taking care of their members here at our facility. We are very impressed with the attention CenCal Health applies to its members here, and we know they are cared for by both us, and CenCal Health.” -Scott Clarke, Bella Vista Transitional Care Center, San Luis Obispo  Watch video
“I have been impressed with CenCal Health for everything from contracting and training to billing questions and regular communications. They have helped me keep the administrative work associated with being a contracted provider manageable! Thank you CenCal Health.” -Beth Ciuffini, MBA, RDN, Goleta
“It has been invaluable working, collaborating and receiving input from CenCal Health over the years. They assist me with providing an after health care plan when members leave the hospital. Without CenCal Health, it would be much more difficult to give the patients what they really need.” -Drew Washer, Social Worker at French Hospital, San Luis Obispo
“I’ve been with CenCal Health since its inception. It truly is one of the great success stories of this community. It is locally controlled, and responds to its members’ and providers’ needs. It is a great health plan for families on the Central Coast.” –Rene Bravo, M.D., Pediatrician, San Luis Obispo  Watch video
“We have been working closely with CenCal Health for over 30 years now, and enjoy the partnership that has been growing. We are becoming stronger with the help of CenCal Health, and we are very thankful.” -Linda Costa, CFO, Community Health Centers of the Central Coast
“It has been great working with CenCal Health, which has allowed us the growth opportunity within our community to reach out to our numerous patients.” -Christina, Office Manager, First Choice Physician Partners, San Luis Obispo
“CenCal HEALTH is a tremendous asset to this community. We are very lucky to have them in the role of managing the Medi-Cal population. They have been a very good partner to the hospitals in the area, as well as the entire provider community.” -Kurt N. Ransohoff, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Sansum Clinic  Watch video
“We are part of the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery here in Santa Barbara. We’re happy and proud to be CenCal HEALTH member providers and happy to serve this community that we’ve been a part of for more than 35 years.” -Dr. Marc Soares, & Dr. Julio Soares, Santa Barbara County Watch video
“We’ve been with CenCal Health for the past 6 years. They have a website portal that is user-friendly and our claims are not held up at all; they’re paid on time, and the staff is very supportive. We are very happy to be a CenCal Health provider.” -Joan Rosales, Office Manager, Audiologic Associates of Santa Barbara
“I have had a relationship with CenCal Health for the past 30 years and have enjoyed taking care of CenCal patients. CenCal Health is a good payer, and are very attentive, I hope we can continue for another 30 years.” -Dr. Myron Liebhaber, Allergist-Immunologist, Santa Barbara Watch video
Testimonials - Employees
“I like working for CenCal Health because I have always wanted to be a part of a team of people who are working for those who are in need. Ensuring that everyone has the ability to acquire good, quality healthcare, no matter what their income, is our unified goal… I love it here!” – Cicely, Claims Department  Watch video
“I love that wellness is highly encouraged here at CenCal Health, whether it’s taking walks with co-workers during the day, joining a gym class, yoga at lunch, or providing fresh fruit for employees, CenCal Health shows that they care about the well-being of their employees.” -Gaby, Health Services  Watch Video
“I like working for CenCal Health because of its mission and what it stands for. It’s an organization that works towards becoming a place of excellence and provides great employee benefits. Best of all, it’s coming to work at CenCal Health to join my second family in Member Services Department. I work alongside some terrific compassionate people and we unite for one goal in mind “to serve others.” – Elizabeth, Member Services
“Working at CenCal Health is inspiring and rewarding for so many reasons: the values and vision of the organization and its leadership; the celebratory, respectful and supportive culture; the attention given to employee training, development and wellness; the awesome employee benefits; and the focus on community service. I can’t imagine a better place to be.” -Sonja, Legal Affairs  Watch video
“I enjoy working here at CenCal Health because of the collaborative and supportive team and colleagues. But most importantly, I really enjoy working here because I know that we are providing a valuable and important service for those most in need in my community. ” -Jose, Decision Support
I’ve been working for CenCal Health for 16 years now, and when I’m out in the community, and I mention I work for CenCal Health, there’s always someone who has a friend or a relative who has utilized our program, and has appreciated the service  we have provided, and that’s nice to hear about a company you work for.” -Amy, Finance
Testimonials - Community-Based
“I am pleased to announce our Recuperative Care Program which started with CenCal Health’s support in August, 2016. This program helps the less fortunate in our community who need a place to recuperate during the day.” -Grace, Deputy Director, Community Action Partnership, San Luis Obispo County  Watch video on the Recuperative Care Program
“We utilize CenCal Health for all of our clients, helping them with medical, and behavioral health providers, and to make sure all our clients get the help they need. I really appreciate all the assistance I receive from CenCal Health!” -Mary Lou, Case Manager, Prado Day Center, San Luis Obispo
“Most of our children, probably 85 to 90%, have CenCal Health, and we are very grateful that they are able to receive the services that they are normally not able to receive during the Summer or even during the school year. We are also grateful every year that we are able to have CenCal Health help us, because otherwise, this camp would not be happening.” -Dee Anne Barker, Speech & Language Pathologist M.A., & Director Camp Mariposas, Santa Barbara  Watch video
“CenCal Health has been helpful to us for years in reaching out to kids and families that have asthma that are on their plan. We get lots of kids at our camp that way, and we appreciate that.” -Margaret Weiss, Health Education Director, Sansum Clinic, & Camp Wheez  Watch video
“I am so proud to have CenCal Health in my district. They do an extraordinary job of making sure everyone has access to health care. Having served on their board and now in congress, I now know, for sure, what an extraordinary organization and how lucky we are to have CenCal Health in our community.” -U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal
“I’ve been proud to be a member of the CenCal Health board for over ten years. it’s been a tremendous experience working collaboratively with the two counties with the same mission, to provide quality healthcare to those folks that need it the most. Our delivery system is outstanding, the staff is wonderful, they’re responsive, and of course, our executive team, there is no team that quite meets the standards that they exemplify.”  -County Supervisor Jane
“I know exactly how important they (CenCal Health) are to so many citizens in our community, providing health coverage that they would not otherwise have.” -District 3 Supervisor Adam Hill
“It’s wonderful to see how the strategic partnerships that CenCal Health has created have enhanced the quality of life for senior citizens in our community. They have made a true difference in the lives of many senior citizens.” -Joyce Lippman, Director, Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens
“I am proud and happy to consider myself a partner of CenCal Health where we have worked very effectively together in seeing the lives of many families, children, and residents throughout the county.” -Penny Borenstein, County Health Officer, County of San Luis Obispo
“On behalf of the 400 plus employees and 200 staff members here, we’re proud to be partners with CenCal Health, and the care of all the individuals here in the North County.” -Mark Lisa, CEO, Twin Cities Community Hospital  Watch video
“It means everything to me… everyday I get to come here and get the pleasure of meeting wonderful people, and it just makes my heart happy everyday to be able to come here.” -Meals That Connect Site Manager  Watch video