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Whole Child Program (CCS)

About the Whole-Child Model

California Children’s Services (CCS) is a statewide program for children with certain medical conditions. When a child is determined by a county to be eligible (based on medical condition, financial analysis and residency), CCS provides medical care, case management, physical/occupational therapy and financial assistance for these children. At this time, CCS services are managed by the Santa Barbara County Public Health and the San Luis Obispo County Health Services Agency
CenCal Health currently pays CCS providers who services as part of the Santa Barbara County program. For San Luis Obispo County CCS Services, providers bill the State of California.

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) intends to make CCS services a Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan benefit. Currently DHCS is stating that the transition to CenCal Health for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County CCS Programs will occur, “no sooner than July 1, 2018.” The goal is to improve care coordination for the whole child, rather than handle CCS conditions separately – in a silo. This approach is known as the “Whole-Child Model”.
Under this model, the two counties will remain responsible for determining eligibility and for the Medical Therapy Program. CenCal Health will become responsible for most other CCS functions. CenCal Health is actively participating in DHCS-led meetings to clarify roles, responsibilities and to ensure a smooth transition for CCS members to have full continuity of care.

CenCal Health is aware that families, providers, community-based organizations, advocacy groups and others, have considerable interest and concerns about the implementation of the Whole-Child Model. CenCal Health will keep stakeholders informed and provide opportunities for feedback about our implementation plans.

CenCal Health is committed to providing stakeholders with current information and look forward to updating this page as the implementation approaches.

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