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Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavioral Health Treatment

CenCal HEALTH covers Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT) for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This treatment includes applied behavior analysis and other evidence-based services. These services are provided by CenCal Health’s Behavioral and Mental Health Provider, The Holman Group.  Please contact them directly at (800) 321-2843 or visit their website at
Behavioral Health Treatment Services must be:

  • Medically necessary
  • Prescribed by a licensed doctor or a licensed psychologist
  • Approved by the Plan

Your child may qualify for Behavioral Health Treatment Services if:

  • Your child is under 21 years of age
  • Has a diagnosis of ASD
  • Has behaviors that interfere with home or community life. Some examples include anger, violence, self-injury, running away, or difficulty with living skills, play and/or communication skills.

Your child does not qualify for Behavioral Health Treatment Services if: 

  • Your child is not medically stable
  • Needs24-hour medical or nursing services
  • Has an intellectual disability (ICF/ID) and need procedures done in a hospital or an intermediate care facility

If you have any questions, you can call CenCal Health’s Member Services Department’s toll free telephone number at (877) 814-1861. It is important that you work with your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions about screening, diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

You can also contact CenCal Health’s Behavioral and Mental Health Provider The Holman Group at (800) 321-2843.