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Your Medical & Personal Information are Secure

CenCal HEALTH has policies and procedures that protect the confidentiality of your medical and personal information. These policies prohibit (do not allow) the sharing of any of your personal or medical information with anyone who does not have a right to know. The confidentiality policy which is known as the HIPAA Privacy Statement and the HIPAA Privacy Statement (Español) with your rights is sent to all members.

If you did not receive your copy and would like one sent to you or, have a question, call our Member Services Department: (877) 817-1861.

What can I do if I believe my personal health information was released without my permission?

CenCal Health has processes in place to protect your personal health information both in paper and electronic forms. We use only the medical information necessary for providing authorizations and/or when you want to appeal a decision that was made regarding the authorization.

Contact CenCal Health’s Privacy Officer if you need more assistance.