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Interactive Health Education Tool Now Available Online

Mar 12, 2019

Santa Barbara, CA – March 12, 2019 – CenCal Health, the Medi-Cal health plan for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, recently established a partnership with Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, to provide an interactive health education library for its local communities. Available directly on the CenCal Health website, this online library contains thousands of health education topics and hundreds of videos with supporting content. Content is available in both English and Spanish, and at no cost. The health tool is accessible to CenCal Health members, physician providers, and the general public.

Finding reliable health information online can be challenging for a variety of reasons, including the abundance of misinformation and the high-literacy content or “medical-speak” that limits accessibility for people not knowledgeable about health and medicine. Recent data from the National Assessment of Adult Literacy shows that only 12% of U.S. adults have proficient health literacy, which refers to the ability to obtain, communicate, process, and understand health information and services in order to make appropriate health decisions.

CenCal Health’s purchase and promotion of this educational library is an effective way for the health plan to provide easy-to-use, actionable health information to CenCal Health members and the communities it serves. The library offers symptom checkers, information to help patients prepare for medical tests and procedures, and interactive tools like decision aids, that help consumers talk to their doctor and make health decisions. It uses plain language and content is also available in Spanish, resulting in a user-friendly health and wellness tool for all.

“The program provides valuable health resources for our providers, case managers, and especially our health plan members,” said Dr. Karen Hord, Senior Medical Director at CenCal Health. “It’s a great place to get reliable health information. For example, if someone has a health concern that they aren’t ready to talk to their doctor about, say, symptoms of a Sexually Transmitted Disease or anxiety, they can use the content on the CenCal Health website to do self-assessments, watch videos, and get tips for how and when to seek treatment.”

“We’re excited about our partnership with CenCal Health, and the impact we can make by getting health education to people when they need it the most,” said Dave Mink, Chief Client Officer for Healthwise.

CenCal Health members, local healthcare providers, and the general public can access this interactive health education library directly from the CenCal Health website – via the Health & Wellness navigation tab – at

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