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CenCal Health has paused the review of applications submitted for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, as funding has been fully committed. Should we receive additional IPP funds from DHCS (as soon as June 2023), we will reopen the application review process. Thank you for your interest in IPP funding!

Incentive Payment Program Funds for Current and Interested ECM and CS Providers

Under the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) CalAIM Initiative (California Advancing and Innovating in Medi-Cal), health plans are poised to work closely with health care partners to ensure that Medi-Cal members have the tools and support needed to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is a new benefit made available to vulnerable members with the intent of supporting intensive wrap-around health and social service navigation. CenCal Health went live with the ECM benefit in July of 2022, and looks forward to working with our provider and community partners to build and expand capacity for ECM services.

Also available through CalAIM are Community Supports, of which CenCal Health currently offers two and plans to expand to an additional four in 2023. Community Supports are optional for health plans to provide, as they are currently not funded by DHCS and are instead intended to offset avoidable medical costs. CenCal Health currently offers Recuperative Care and Medically Tailored Meals and beginning in January 2023 plans to make available sobering center services, as well as housing navigation, housing sustaining supports, and housing deposits.

More information on ECM and Community Supports can be found here

To learn more, email our IPP department

Incentive Payment Program Funding
To support providers and community partners in building, launching, and expanding ECM and Community Supports services, DHCS has made available a provider incentive program, called the Incentive Payment Program (IPP). IPP funds are issued from DHCS to health plans, and from health plans to providers. CenCal Health has IPP incentive funds available for distribution to current and potential ECM and CS providers to support the development and expansion of ECM and CS services.

IPP funding may be used toward one time or ongoing activities, including:

  • Staffing support (recruitment, retention, etc.)
  • Infrastructure or capital investment (equipment, building expansion, etc.)
  • Data/Information Technology development or enhancement
  • Training and ongoing education for staff
  • Ongoing operations

CenCal Health is in receipt of $6.4M State-allocated funds which have been awarded for IPP, an additional $13M of which may be earned based on State approval in the coming year.

Interested in Applying for IPP Funds?

Interested organizations who are currently providing or plan to provide ECM or Community Supports services are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and awards will be issued until IPP funds are depleted. An internal CenCal Health IPP Review Committee comprised of cross-functional subject matter experts will review all applications and issue final award decisions.

CenCal Health will assess applications based on the following criteria:

  1. Overview of proposal, including summary of ability to provide and advance ECM or CS services. (20 points possible)
  2. Organizational health, including alignment with the intent of ECM and CS and sustainability of services once IPP funding is depleted. (10 points possible)
  3. Proposal details, including need, timeline, and members served. (40 points possible)
  4. Evaluation, including desired outcomes and success metrics. (20 points possible)
  5. Overall assessment of proposal, including quality of material, sustainability of services, and overall impact. (10 points possible)

Applications which score 70 points or higher (out of 100) will be considered for funding. Those applications scoring less than 70 points but with a recommendation for funding will be brought to the CenCal Health IPP Review Committee for a final decision.

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