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Specialty Pharmacy

Important Update: Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is Becoming Optum® Specialty Pharmacy


What is changing?

  • Over time, the Diplomat brand will be retired and the Optum® Specialty brand will take its place. This will change the names and logos you see on your medications and the way you contact your specialty team. You can still expect the same personal service.

When will this change happen?

  • You will start to see the Optum® Specialty Pharmacy name over the next year.
  • This change takes time. For a while you may see both brands when you use your specialty pharmacy.

CenCal Health provides comprehensive specialty pharmacy services through our exclusive relationship with Optum Specialty Pharmacy. This exclusive agreement allows CenCal Health members to receive clinical assessments, patient education, and management of patient adherence to therapy by Optum Pharmacy.

The specialty pharmacy will provide CenCal Health members with high cost medications that treat chronic and complex diseases with a comprehensive approach in medication management. All Specialty Medications require a Medical Request Form (MRF).

For questions regarding Specialty Medications please call Pharmacy Services at (805) 562-1080 or Optum Specialty directly at (855) 427-4682.
Please view our Specialty Medication List.