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Quality Improvement and Health Equity Transformation Program

CenCal Health is committed to the delivery of high-quality equitable care delivered in a timely, appropriate, and compassionate manner. One way we ensure this happens is through our Quality Improvement and Health Equity Transformation Program (QIHETP). This program was designed to support CenCal Health’s vision to be a trusted leader in advancing health equity so that our communities thrive and achieve optimal health together.

The following links provide access to written summaries of Quality Improvement & Health Equity (QIHEC) activities, which are supplied to CenCal Health’s Board of Directors. Summaries of findings, recommendations, and actions are prepared and submitted to CenCal Health’s Governing Board subsequent to each quarterly meeting of the QIHEC. Each quarterly written summary of QIHEC activities is posted below to ensure public availability of the reports on CenCal Health’s website. If applicable, the summaries include QIHEC activities of CenCal Health’s Fully Delegated Subcontractors and Downstream Fully Delegated Subcontractors — presently CenCal Health has no Fully Delegated Subcontractors or Downstream Fully Delegated Subcontractors.

Quality Improvement & Health Equity (QIHEC) Quarterly Reports to CenCal Health’s Board of Directors

For more information about QIHETP, click the links below.

For additional information regarding CenCal Health’s QIHETP, please contact:

Population Health – (800) 421-2560 ext. 1997 or

Health Promotion – Health Education Request Line at (800) 421-2560 ext. 3126 or

Utilization Management – (800) 421-2560 ext. 1082