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Your Health Care Identification Cards

Medi-Cal Benefits Identification Card

When you first become eligible for Medi-Cal, the State of California will send you a Medi-Cal Benefits Identification Card (BIC). The new BIC has State of California written on top and has pictures of poppy flowers. If you have been on Medi-Cal before or are currently on Medi-Cal your current BIC, which is a white card with blue writing, is still valid and will not be reissued unless you lose your card. Your BIC will be used by doctors and providers to verify your Medi-Cal eligibility.

Your CenCal Health Identification Card

CenCal Health sends you a new identification card that has valuable information for your providers. You need to present this information every time you receive medical services. The back of this card will also have important information regarding emergency and urgent care. When a doctor or hospital worker asks about your insurance  coverage, tell them that you have Medi-Cal and that you are a member of CenCal Health.

Always show your CenCal Health ID Card and your BIC Card when receiving services.

Additionally, if you have any other health insurance, make sure to give that information to the providers you see.